How can I deal with my husband's being addicted online flirting

i appreciate 51, I work full time and really are married for 30 years, With two geared up children one of them still living at home. The past ten years have been taxing as my husband had to work 80 miles away, Living two lives as he splits the week between job website and home.

many years ago, on 50, He had a well used midlife crisis (His directions): New 'boy band' hair style, Jive tuition ( with no me), visiting the gym, Trendy clothes, A second mobile and online dating.

I was so nervous I did all I could to cling on, As I know he was close to leaving for a very good. I dropped excess weight, Paid attraction, shut off with him more, used the silk nighties.

possibly, having 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world was rocked in different ways 12 months of surgery, chemo, Radiotherapy and the loss of hair. He appeared support, But rrt had been all a lie.

I discovered more online dating service and confronted him. He was remorseful and said hello was 'an escape, A fantasy' to help him manage his job, My illness etc,or anything else.

I was too terribly, Too depending on him to challenge this and chose to believe him.

many 18 months on, i've found him online dating again. I'm ravaged. He's undermined our marriage yet again, But denies this is infidelity as he's 'just looking' and doesn't do what's required!

I disagree as I've read numerous exchanges he says he's not married, Then after get to a 'let's meet' point he doesn't go. Or so he admits that.

I've lost all trust and should not tell truth from lies. again he says he's sorry/depressed/addicted/escaping. I'm truly hurt, But feel more potent now, Both physically and mentally not afraid to say what I think and no longer desperate to appease him or indulge his excuses.

He's terrified I will tell our children what he's doing (remorse, reckon) And in his support, He is trying as an example, He booked us an incredible holiday, Suggested joint traditional counseling, Admitted it's an dependence, And will be able to cut his hours so he can be home nearly all week.

I suppose my question is is this enough? I know he's found my surgery scarring difficult to comprehend, But surely there's more someone's than great boobs?

I cope with these body issues every day and my husband's clear rejection of me is very difficult to take. I always thought we'd love each other whatever life threw at us.

I wish there was a way of making her realise what he is doing is wrong he needs a jolt into reality instead of living a fantasy. Do I eliminate him again?BEL speaks:

Although I believe that the capacity for forgiveness is all but endless, It is still a find it difficult to reach the end of your letter and say: 'Yes, Val, Believe him all over again, Bowing the once more so he can heap dirt on it.'

The 'jolt into reality' achievable if you packed a suitcase for him and left it on the step. Or cut up those trendy clothes with a couple dressmaking shears. Or use any similar tool to cut the plug off his computer. (of course, And I can think of another use, But we won't go there.) what makes me really angry is the way he is making you feel about your body.

You endured breast cancers, Had surgery and all the painful approach, And now have the added punishment of understanding that he finds your scars 'difficult to come to terms with'. Oh lord, Forget packing the bags put the lot on a bonfire. Let him walk naked and see how very pleasing women find his ageing body!

experimenting <a href=></a> online is a serious form of infidelity, And cannot be argued away because no sex happens

Yet it may not be so easy, has sucralose? You sound pleased that he's at least

Trying very late in the day to work on himself and help save the wedding. You also make the vitally important point that you no longer feel so much his victim as before. You happens to be a stronger woman, Perhaps through the very fact that you've had to handle a series of painful shocks

The first came when you initially discovered he was playing around online all decked out in his youthful hairstyle and kit. The second when you were clinically determined.

The third the minute, Despite all that you were researching, He could not keep away from the online dating services.

also now, Fourth, He is back to his old ways and you are forced to accept the ending of your dream that together you would face up to whatever problems life threw at you. At this point now you ask not just whether or not you forgive him again, But also whether he may start to forgive himself.

The man is terrified of discovering old and so he is acting the fool like so many before him. But nothing he does no clothes he buys or ladies he flirts with internet will halt the ageing process.

besides that, experimenting online is a serious form of infidelity, And cannot be argued away because no sex occurs. First, He must accept both those uneasy truths.

If he does think he has become addicted to websites that are online then he should seek counselling for himself, As well as couple coaching with you.