FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]
What is pastebox.co all about?
pastebox.co is a website where you can store text for a certain period of time. The website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information, but anyone is more than welcome to paste any type of text. The idea behind the site is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online.
What is your Acceptable Use Policy?
Broadly speaking, the site was created to help programmers. Any paste or usage pattern not related to that goal which results in unusually high traffic will be flagged for investigation. Your paste may be deleted and your IP blocked. In particular, please do not paste email lists, password lists or personal information. The "report abuse" feature can be used to flag such pastes and they will be deleted. Do not aggressively spider the site. Exceptions can be arranged, contact us to discuss. If you can access pastebox.co from one location, but not another, it's likely your IP address has been blocked for violating this policy. Get in touch and the block can be lifted.

Please do NOT post:
- email lists
- login details
- stolen source code
- password lists
- personal information / data
- pornographic information / data
- spam links (this includes promoting your own site)

If you do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy we might ban your IP address from the website. Also, your IP address might be shared with authorities.
How can I contact pastebox.co?
Check out our contact page. You can also check out our Twitter page.
What is MY pastebox.co?
When you create an account you get your own pastebox.co. This means you can now store pastes and have full control over them at any point in the future. Having your own pastebox.co is also great for sharing your pastes with others. Your pastebox.co is both public and private at the same time. Your public pastes are visible to everybody while the private ones are only visible to you.
How many pastes can I create?
The short answer is: as many as you like.

There are however some limitations build into the site to fight off spammers.

Guests can create up to 10 new pastes per 24 hours.
Free members can create up to 20 new pastes per 24 hours.

Further limits are:

Guest can create unlimited 'public' pastes, unlimited 'unlisted' pastes, 0 'private' pastes.
Free members can create unlimited 'public' pastes, 25 'unlisted' pastes, 10 'private' pastes.
But I see some people post way more than those limits, how is that possible?
Some users have special permissions to their accounts. If you want to post more than 250 pastes per day, please contact us.
How does your Spam Filter work?
pastebox.co uses an automated spam protection system that will sometimes display a captcha request after you have tried to create a new paste. When you get a captcha request, you have 10 minutes to enter a valid response. If you don't validate your paste within 10 minutes, we will automaticly remove it.

Various things can trigger this captcha spam protection.

A few examples are:
- trying to create a certain amount of new pastes in a short period of time. (flooding)
- trying to create pastes with links in it.
- trying to create pastes with 'suspicious' keywords in it.

There are various levels of spam protection. Anonymous guests, free members and all have different spam detection levels. Being a Free member will allow you to post _almost_ anything without the automatic spam protection being activated.
Who can see my pastes?
If you create a public paste (public by default), your paste will show up for everybody in the menu on the right and on the archive pages. You can also create unlisted pastes, these items will be invisible for others unless you share your private link. If you are a member of pastebox.co you can also created private pastes. These items can only be viewed by you when you are logged in and are therefor password protected. Search engines will only index public pastes, not unlisted or private ones.
How can I get content removed?
You are only able to remove items that you created while you were logged in. If you pasted something as a guest, there is no quick delete option. You can however use the 'REPORT ABUSE' button above each paste, and explain why the item has to be removed. We try to handle all removal requests within 24 hours.

For DMCA removal requests please click here.
How does your hits counter work?
The hits shown above each paste display the number of unique visitors. We only count a visitor once per 24 hours and we try to filter out bot & scraper traffic from the hits counter.
What is the max paste size?
The maximum size a paste can be is 512 kilobytes (0.5 megabytes). This is should be enough for almost any script, and it prevents people from jamming our servers. PRO members are allowed to create pastes up to 10 megabytes.
For which languages do you offer syntax highlighting?
4CS | 6502 ACME Cross Assembler | 6502 Kick Assembler | 6502 TASM/64TASS | ABAP | ActionScript | ActionScript 3 | Ada | ALGOL 68 | Apache Log | AppleScript | APT Sources | ASM (NASM) | ASP | autoconf | Autohotkey | AutoIt | Avisynth | Awk | BASCOM AVR | Bash | Basic4GL | BibTeX | Blitz Basic | BNF | BOO | BrainFuck | C | C for Macs | C Intermediate Language | C# | C++ | C++ (with QT extensions) | C: Loadrunner | CAD DCL | CAD Lisp | CFDG | ChaiScript | Clojure | Clone C | Clone C++ | CMake | COBOL | CoffeeScript | ColdFusion | CSS | Cuesheet | D | DCS | Delphi | Delphi Prism (Oxygene) | Diff | DIV | DOS | DOT | E | ECMAScript | Eiffel | Email | EPC | Erlang | F# | Falcon | FO Language | Formula One | Fortran | FreeBasic | FreeSWITCH | GAMBAS | Game Maker | GDB | Genero | Genie | GetText | Go | Groovy | GwBasic | Haskell | HicEst | HQ9 Plus | HTML | HTML 5 | Icon | IDL | INI file | Inno Script | INTERCAL | IO | J | Java | Java 5 | JavaScript | jQuery | KiXtart | Latex | Liberty BASIC | Linden Scripting | Lisp | LLVM | Loco Basic | Logtalk | LOL Code | Lotus Formulas | Lotus Script | LScript | Lua | M68000 Assembler | MagikSF | Make | MapBasic | MatLab | mIRC | MIX Assembler | Modula 2 | Modula 3 | Motorola 68000 HiSoft Dev | MPASM | MXML | MySQL | newLISP | NullSoft Installer | Oberon 2 | Objeck Programming Langua | Objective C | OCalm Brief | OCaml | OpenBSD PACKET FILTER | OpenGL Shading | Openoffice BASIC | Oracle 11 | Oracle 8 | Oz | Pascal | PAWN | PCRE | Per | Perl | Perl 6 | PHP | PHP Brief | Pic 16 | Pike | Pixel Bender | PL/SQL | PostgreSQL | POV-Ray | Power Shell | PowerBuilder | ProFTPd | Progress | Prolog | Properties | ProvideX | PureBasic | PyCon | Python | q/kdb+ | QBasic | R | Rails | REBOL | REG | Robots | RPM Spec | Ruby | Ruby Gnuplot | SAS | Scala | Scheme | Scilab | SdlBasic | Smalltalk | Smarty | SQL | SystemVerilog | T-SQL | TCL | Tera Term | thinBasic | TypoScript | Unicon | UnrealScript | Vala | VB.NET | VeriLog | VHDL | VIM | Visual Pro Log | VisualBasic | VisualFoxPro | WhiteSpace | WHOIS | Winbatch | XBasic | XML | Xorg Config | XPP | YAML | Z80 Assembler | ZXBasic |

We use the Geshi software for our highlighting. Please contact us if you want to suggest a new language.
How do I highlight certain lines in a paste?
There are two ways of doing this. While creating a new paste, you can select the lines that you want to highlight, and while those lines are selected you can click the small yellow 'pen' icon at the top right of the textarea. This will add the code '@h@' before each selected line. When you submit the paste, those codes will change into yellow highlighted lines. You can also manually add the code '@h@' infront of each line that you want to highlight.